Julie A. Hackett- Founder and President
Julie founded Triumph Marketing in 2003 and has over 25 years of experience helping safe money insurance producers acheive thier goals.  
She has created and implemented new and innovative markeitng systems that have made agents millions in new commissions.  Julie is committed to helping new and experienced agents find the best ways to market their practice.  
"The most successful producers are NOT the best sales people... They are the best MARKETERS!"
Julie t
Mike S. Rosaasen- Marketing Consultant
Mike has 20 years of industry experience and has personally worked with on a daily basis, some of the biggest producers in the industry in every market in the country.  This experience has proved incredibly valuable to each and every new producer Mike chooses to forge a relationship with. His passion and lifes work is seeing results for producers.      
"Don't spend good money after bad for your insurance marketing.  Lean on those who are efficient and prosperous and you cannot fail"
Julie t